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Weenyjob, the PHP micro job script

What is WeenyJob?

WeenyJob is a revolutionary micro job script, built with PHP, that empowers you to launch your own dynamic micro jobs and mini-service website similar to industry leaders like Microworkers, RapidWorkers, ClickWorkers, and Mturk. and many more!

Unleash the potential of our powerful Micro Job PHP script to kickstart your online marketplace– whether it’s a contest platform, a micro-jobs hub, or a flourishing freelance ecosystem. Elevate your online ventures with WeenyJob today!

  • Employers

    Employers can post micro-jobs, and get simple tasks done.

  • Workers

    Workers can complete the tasks, and submit proof of their completion.

  • Admin

    You, as an Admin can earn passive money by keeping a commission rates from both the Worker and Employer.

Effortless Setup Wizard

Get your micro-job marketplace up and running effortlessly with our user-friendly installation wizard.

SEO-Optimized URLs

Enhance your site's visibility with SEO-optimized URLs for better search engine rankings.

24/7 Support and Bug Fixes

Enjoy continuous 24/7 support and bug fix updates of your micro-job marketplace at no extra cost.

Free Installation

Enjoy free complementary installation from directly our developers after your purchase.

Multi-Currency Flexibility

Add any payment gateway, providing a truly international micro-job marketplace.

User-Friendly Navigation

A user-centric design with easy navigation, making the platform accessible and enjoyable for all users.

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Powered by bootstrap

Stylish and Modern UI.

Every section and page of the platform is hand-coded, furnished and designed by our experienced in house-developers following the latest tech procedures. The UI is built to attract your users with minimal marketing.

Flexible templates.

Built to be Mobile responsive.

Mobile and Desktop responsive design templates. Built and designed by our top-notch front-end developers, who know that most of your users will be using from a phone.

Control at your fingertips

Powerful Admin Panel for you to control.

Customizations are at the core of our products. We have tried our best to include every possible customizable settings in the Admin panel for you to give you the master key of your marketplace.

Frequently Asked Question

Check out the most asked questions about WeenyJob to clear your queries. We know we cannot note down everything, so feel free to ping us in LiveChat for any other questions!

You can build a dynamic micro job freelance marketplace like MicroWorkers, RapidWiorkers, Picoworkers, or even similar to Fiverr with our PHP script. With this software, you can earn commission from both the Employer and Freelancer, and generate a stable income.

WeenyJob is a PHP script, using MySql for the database system, and Bootsrrap for the beautiful frontend. So, to run this software, you will need to have a web server, along with a MySQL server. In most cases, a Shared Web Hosting package with suffice. When your community grows and you will be getting more traffic, you can upgrade to a VPS if necessary. Get in touch, and our team will be more than happy to schedule a free consultation call with you!

We understand that that not everyone will be an expert in all fields. No worries, our team will handle the full installation (Fully free) for you. You can also get our Technical call to be on-call for you so that they can assist with any technical problems that might occur. You handle the marketing and administration, and we handle the tech!

You will find us whenever you need us. It’s truly 24/7! The semi-yearly license of WeenyJob promises 6 months of support and updates from us. While the 1-year license makes sure we stand by you all the way through the complete year!

The pricing works in a recurring subscription model.

The semi-yearly plan allows the use of the product for a complete 6 months, from the date of purchase! When the 6-month term ends, charges are taken automatically to avoid disruption in service.

Similarly, The yearly subscription allows the use of the product included in it for one year from the date of purchase. When the year ends, the charges are taken to continue the subscription automatically as well, just like the semi-yearly plan.

Note: *Prices exclude VAT/Taxes

After the subscription license expires, WeenyJob will stop working and your micro job website will show an error. Without an active subscription of the license key, you or your visitors won’t be able to use the WeenyJob PHP script. So you need to renew your license before it expires and make sure you have sufficient funds in your payment account before your renewal date comes. That’s the way to prevent the site-breaking issue.

And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder beforehand through email to make sure you got it all covered from your end!





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